Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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“Saphrona Nicole”

The Concrete CatWalk for Emerging Designers!

We love old Favorites but is always looking for the next new!, We are all things fashion!

Saphrona Nicole for the woman that you inspire to be… The influential woman who can captivate not only friends and family but the unknown who looks upon. The fashion conscious who is inspired by the effortless class, elegance and confidence that’s portrayed. She inspires all ages, not only to achieve success but to obtain the look of success and the motivation to believe that they too can accomplish. She is an Influential figure that has endless responsibilities and obligations; she is a career woman, a mother, a wife, a sister, family or friend. She has little time to spend shopping and putting outfits together to achieve the ultimate look. This woman, whether she is fashion conscious or not, wants to look good and wants to portray poise, class and sophistication with ease.  This woman works daily, probably long hours, and has outside obligations to attend to as well.  She has to be professional and work during the day, and manage a social or family life at night.  She must do this while continuing to maintain a certain image when attending special events and be able and stand out in a crowd.  This woman wears business attire by day, and may attend social events in the evening where cocktail apparel is required. Her dresses are tasteful and still uphold the professional yet womanly image. This woman is feminine, chic and is ready for anything as well as adapts to situations as they arise. Putting work aside, on the weekends, this woman wishes to be casual yet noticeable and comfortable whether it is in a day dress or casual pants. This woman has many responsibilities and even though she constantly changes roles she is looked upon as an influential figure. She is continuously being judged and whether it is admiration or criticisms, she has to always maintain a certain level of class and beauty. Saphrona Nicole symbolizes a sexy and chic simplicity that is effortless for a classy and sophisticated look.

For the woman you inspire to be…


  1. easily one of the best new sites out .. its detalied,organized,, has a newyork flair to it and most important,its professionally done.if fashion is your “life”. its a must , that you visit this site daily..


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