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Hmm… It’s ok to have no returns especially if something is custom made. But there are some ground rules to make that harsh rule effective. If your product is not returnable you need to make sure that you give a precise description of the product. You also need vivid photos from various angles. Customers need to know exactly what they are purchasing. The product also has to be inspected properly prior to shipping so that they are not receiving damage goods. NO returns can also deter some customers because shopping online is somewhat a hit or miss. The last thing customer’s wants to do is make a purchase and then they are stuck with something they can’t use. With brands that you frequently wear you will probably notice that sometimes your sizes go up or down a notch. That can be totally normal because different materials/styles will fit differently due to stretch/no stretch etc. However there is always that one customer that think they are smaller or bigger than what they are. There will always be that one person that need a bigger or smaller size that’s inevitable. So having no returns is ok but the least you can do is accept exchanges only within a specific time frame. The one time there are exceptions to no returns and no exchanges is swimwear and undergarments due to sanitary reasons.  Of-course if you allow exchanges the product should still be in resalable conditions.  You should however inform customers that they can reach out to customer service for questions/concerns shortly after they receive the package. Remember that the customer is always right and sometimes you need to make an exception to please them as well also maintain retention.

Quick Q&A is simply a guide, ultimately you must make the decisions that is right for your brand as each brand is different and have their own journey.


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