Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saphrona’s State of mind! 

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I believe in staying true to yourself! Do what you feel, do what you love and everything else will fall in place.

Saphrona Nicole

When your true to yourself you’re always in your own state of mind! and it doesn’t matter where you are and that’s power! that’s confidence! No one can be you better that you! …

 In regards to a logo, I wasn’t caught up with having a traditional logo. I wanted an image that was a compilation of things that I loved. So I reach out to an artist and requested just that, down to every details! {Stance, head position, my signature updo.. etc}

To spice things up I love seeing variations of my original.

I love flowers one of my favorites are Peonies! Some how it became a staple for my pictures. but at this point why change it?

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Saphrona Nicole is all things Fashion with a focus on Emerging Designers! 


Answer: WHY NOT?

I love Emerging Designers! I love to to see new designs and I love when designers are daring enough to be outside the box. Its not so much about “Game Changers” for me it’s “MOOD CHANGERS”; Fashion has the power to make people feel and that’s what its about EMOTIONS!!!


“I believe in being your own kind of crazy”

I love when people call me crazy! I love when they say only you can do that, or only you can wear that. Sometimes Crazy is good, and when I am “Crazy” I am at my best, I am in my state of mind and doing what I want and what I feel. So yes…. Be Crazy! 


“Thinking out Loud”

I think that people shouldn’t be afraid to live life! and you shouldn’t be afraid to try new things. So what if you fail, what if you just fly? what if you find something new? just what If? You will never know if you never try. 

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I think that everyone that comes into your life has a purpose, even if it’s for a lesson that needs to be learned. You should welcome new people and let some go! Don’t be afraid to let people and things go!!! Especially when they deplete your energy.  If there’s no positivity then why have them around? 

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What I live by… When you walk away, don’t look back! Always move forward and never have regrets.

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