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Can celebrity campaign help or hurt?

Celebrity Campaigns can definitely help your brand but you have to be ready to reap the benefits. Doing things premature can certainly hurt if not cost in the long run.

HOW? …

Well as a new brand you want exposure some designers are willing to give away free products for promotions. Sounds simply enough, an easy marketing strategy but lets think ahead. So this free product cost money to make, sometimes some designers pay for this campaign as well. So lets say you paid for the campaign as well as gave away products, and a well know person wore your design. You can generate sales as well as followers on social media or none of the above. Lets say that you generated sales, Can you handle the over night spike in sales? Do you have enough units? Can you afford to handle the cost of the units needed? Lets say you didn’t get sales and you simply gain followers, how much money did you spend on one campaign and now you’re back to square one? This is an easy question you can answer yourself to determine if the money spent was worth the photo of the person in the campaign. At the end of the day try to reach the masses, if shoppers love your product they will purchase and they will wear it ┬áDon’t focus on things that financially your brand might not be ready for.

Quick Q&A is simply a guide, ultimately you must make the decisions that is right for your brand as each brand is different and have their own journey.


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