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Designer – Color X Blind NYC

Location – New York

“influenced by belief in seeing no color of race”

You can’t be from New York and not have a Love and appreciation for street-wear especially a Hoodie. But its much more than the garment, its the message! “Fashion has the power to make people feel and that’s what it’s about Emotions” When you know the story that builds connection and here we are all about a story. Color X Blind NYC camo hoodie caught my eye then they had me with the message, in a time that is filled with segregation and violence its the perfect launch.

“Color X Blind NYC is a street-wear clothing brand influenced by belief in seeing no color of race. “If only we were color blind… The hurt, The pain, The feeling, Of being the undeserving, Or the inferior – would disappear.”


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To shop more options, head over to Color X Blind NYC 


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