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Busy couple of weeks! 
My favorite number! So yes it’s day 13 of 365… Crazy couple weeks but off to a great start with things I want to do. Time is always “Le Struggles” Not enough time in the day… 

So, as I have mentioned before I have been working on upgrading the website, just about everything that is on social media is found on the website. As well as a couple, more segments so much happens that affect what we do, where we shop and show we should approach situations.

2018 headlines thus far… Some Upsets, some Wowsers and of-course some Shockers!

While we don’t promote negative news it is a learning tool on how to avoid Pitfalls…

Someone asked about my closet… AKA “The Stock Room” … What’s in The Stock Room? A lot of things… From high to low end, from well-known to the unknown. If I like something I wear it, I don’t care about names. I ‘m particular with footwear and handbags but who isn’t.? I dress according to my mood which changes from day to day and sometimes hour to hour… “Just saying” … I support Emerging Designers please keep in mind there are many unfortunately I can’t wear everyone pieces. A few Snippets below…


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