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The Concrete Catwalk for Emerging Designers, We Love old Favorites but is always looking for the next New!


This website welcome collaborations, we love working with new people, If you have an idea for a collaboration please feel free to contact us click here:


We welcome all feedback/questions please click here:

Contributor/Guest Blogger/Writer for Other Websites:

We do guest writing for other websites, If you want us to write for your website please contact us via email along with the designs/pictures/product information. Click here:

Contributor/Guest Blogger/Writer for This Websites:


We welcome collaborations, if you have an interest please email: click here.

Contributors/Guest Blogger/Writer for This Websites:

We welcome other bloggers who want to work with us, please contact via email if you wish to work with us. Please include your writing sample and link to your website. If you wish to work with us you will receive credit for every article you write, anchored by your own author page on (which you can use to promote as a Saphrona Nicole contributor). ***IF AVAILABLE*** – You will also be gaining experience in the industry as well as attending events such as fashion show/showcases/photoshoots/sipandsee’s etc. as well as receiving free products. {based on event/involvement – THIS VARIES]

{No Compensation for Contributors/Guest Bloggers/Writers at this time}

Requirements to Contribute:

  • Must have your own website/blog
  • Must be on all major Social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Posses good Writing Skills/Grammar
  • If your attending events – Must be reliable/consistent, upbeat, organized, motivated and responsible. Must also own a computer/camera and smart phone.
  • Lastly – Must have a passion for fashion and a keen sense of style.

If your Interested: click here.


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This website features all things fashion, we focus on Emerging Designer. If your brand is new we would love to feature you on the website. You can contact us and please Include your, bio, pictures and a link to your websites and social media. If your not sure what to include in a bio/story, please see the list of sample questions.

The first write up for designers is about the brand which includes story/bio and a showcase of your designs. After the initial write-up we can continuously feature your brand by showcasing your current look book/giveaways/promotions and campaigns.etc.

Photo’s attached to your bio’s/story are your photo’s and will credited back to you as well as a link for readers to click on to make a purchase at your store or to simply navigate back to your website.

If your just starting out we respect all designers and love new work! We have a new feature called “ON THE LOOKOUT” which will be featuring all new Designers that simply have just a few pieces or even one design that they would like to show. We can feature your picture along with your contact that you would like to provide.


Gifts are accepted –  gifts/products/giveaways/campaign promotions, please contact us in regards to gift in question.

As a side note! Please do not tell me what to do with the gift! Example garments for fashion week, If you want someone to wear your pieces to fashion shows so that you can say your designs were worn to shows in New York!  Then what you are looking for is an ambassador to endorse your brand and that cost$. So again, if you give me a gift please do not tell me what to do with the gift as your gift will be returned to sender.


This website features giveaways from brands we work directly with. We do not just post random giveaways on the websites. If you want your product/giveaway featured please contact us via email.



Photos are readily available on the internet and is believe to be in public domain. Photos posted are believed to be published according to the U.S. Copyright Fair use Act (Title 17, U.S. Code.). ®

Product Reviews:

We accept products for product reviews, giveaways, etc. Please contact us in regards to the product/s in question. If it’s not fashion/beauty related we will not do a review and we will not feature it on the website.


This website features promotions/discount/campaigns from brands we work directly with. We do not post random Promotions/discount/coupons on the website. If you want to promote your campaign please contact us via email.