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How important is packaging?

Packaging is important with that being said the first thought is; “It’s going in the garbage” Maybe… However presentation is everything, you can provide proper packing at minimal cost. The product speaks for itself “new” with “tags” attached, as much as the customer is happy to receive it they don’t want to do additional work. The garment should be folded nicely wrapped in tissue paper and maybe sealed with a sticker logo. The garment should be in a box or for cheaper shipping a bubble mailer/padded envelope. This helps to prevent damage as well as protect the garment from potential water damage during transport. The envelope/box should be new and properly taped. The package doesn’t need to have your logo imprinted for cheaper cost you can put a sticker logo and make sure the labels are printed and not hand written for a professional look. This also minimize the potential for delivery to an incorrect address.

Presentation is everything, when you receive a package you don’t want to see a box that has been previously used and have previous names scratched out. As well as a box that was used for produced such as bananas on the box and your new garment is place inside of it. That’s just tacky!

Packaging is important shipping/mailing boxes should be purchased, to keep cost low invest in solid colors and as you grown you can imprint your logo on the mailer.  Presentation is everything and as much as the customers loves the product that they purchase if they love your packaging that will be a lasting memory and also help to drive recurring sales. Just think that you ordered something and the packing was dirty and previously used and the item wasn’t to your liking. If you send it back you’re likely to not want to purchase again because the whole process left a bad taste.  Shoppers tend to stalk packages once they receive a notification of shipment it’s like getting a gift in the mail. Also social media have naturally driven individuals to post pictures of just about everything from packaging to them using/wearing the product. This also drives for free marketing for your brand. Happy customer’s best tips are referral and shared experiences! Make it a pleasant one

Quick Q&A is simply a guide, ultimately you must make the decisions that is right for your brand as each brand is different and have their own journey.


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