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Big fashion brands are working with bloggers and Influencers, so how can Emerging Designers do the same?


“You can work with bloggers on a small budget or even no budget.”


Gifts … Sponsored Post … Product Reviews … Giveaways … Sponsored Ad Space

Affiliate Referral programs … Guest Post … Influencer Competitions


First things first know what you can realistically spend for your Marketing budget and/or Promotional Items Campaign. Working with bloggers is another form of marketing and should be treated as such.

Sort out bloggers whose audience targets your products, reach out to them and see what their fees and requirements are?

Some require a fee along with a sample for reviewing your product and some simple just want the free product. When working with bloggers you would want them to not just take samples and leave you hoping they will write about you. You want guaranteed exposure for your brand, which comes with a written articles, pictures and social media post.

Be selective in working with bloggers, as you want positivity around your brand. You also want to build lasting relationships. You want to have bloggers writing about you without you even asking for them to write about you.

Bloggers are not obligated to write about your brand, especially if they are not getting paid. If you send a blogger a product as a gift they can take the product and there are no guarantees that they will write about your brand. Also you can ask a blogger to write about your brand and if the product doesn’t go with their niche they might opt to not promote your product. To take the guessing and hoping out of finding an influencer to work with, there are companies that are set up to make that easy. You can create a campaign and have influencers apply for it and you pick the people that you want to work with. Of course there are fees in working with companies specifically set up to offer this service. It all come down to you the designer, its all about the ground work that you are will to put in.

Quick Q&A is simply a guide, ultimately you must make the decisions that is right for your brand as each brand is different and have their own journey.


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