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Designer – LA VOIE

Location – Paris

The collections are eternal it is like real life.

La Voie reached out all the way from Paris, the name gets your attention and the designs immediately grabs you. We are so curious to know who they are and what was the inspiration behind the designs.  When I look at this collection I automatically feel a richness of culture and a woman that knows who she is and what she is about. A woman that just walks the streets to showcase the beauty of movement and the aesthetics;she simply is in a class by herself.

« YOU » , « US » , « ME » have a important part in the LIFE

The Designer Comes from Japan, the designer graduated from the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo and the AICP in Paris. He fell for the charm of Paris, the birthplace of the pioneers spirits and of a rich creativity. He began his career as a modeliste and has worked on a number of collection before launching his own brand. If the designer opts not to use his name for his label . That’s because the designer truly wishes to push forward the future human resource in their particular natural Being. By his garments, he stages each whole being and reminds us that « YOU » , « US » , « ME » have a important part in the LIFE.

La Voie was created in October 2015, From the first meeting between the designer and his inspiring Muse, he took her immediately under his wing, and gives her the key rôle of the brand’s equity . It is because she was not trained by the fashion scene, and because in her, all the persons could find themselves that he was able to find in her the very core of inspiration. She will naturally become the symbol of original purity of the brand.

Th designers operate in an environment where product and seasonality are imperative. L A V O I E’s method of working is totally different that the fashion business. Their view is to keep alive the piece, and provide a variety of timeless designs. The garments never go away because, the creator of L A V O I E is the designer and also the draper and the manufacturer . The collections are eternal it is like real life.


LA VOIE – Photo Courtesy -
LA VOIE – Photo Courtesy -
LA VOIE – Photo Courtesy -
LA VOIE – Photo Courtesy -
LA VOIE – Photo Courtesy -

L A V O I E’s product is specially conceived to provide a mental health and comfort quality with the human body and their feelings. That’s why they use ecological materials or materials cultivated in a sustainable way. In particular, the linings and pocketing are in organic cotton because it is the first point of contact with our skin. Their approach is fully transparent because they don’t hide material chemical such as thermofusing, inside the garment. Even more, they recycle all fabric remnants and use it for the fabrication for example, they recycle all fabric remnants and use it such as the band of this remnants to strengthen the sensitive area like the neckline or the armhole.

The designer reveals a strong aesthetic, with a dynamic design, a solid multi-dimensional cut, versatile and full of movement. In such the way that the designer «cooks» the raw materials. He can already see the crystal below the sand and the dust that the other ones left behind. In other words, it is not necessary to embellish, adorn, decorate, make up the garments with any matter that it seems beautiful or any matter that causes us to believe it is beautiful.

The visionary mind of the designer, and his careful mind from meeting the needs of people, enables him to constantly develop new kinds of inventions. The brand’s aim is to liberate the mind, emancipate the body and celebrate the birth. The designer imagine sophisticated and evolutive silhouette in correlation with all the species’s phases of evolution. The designer find an eternal development in any form of existence. He celebrates the woman’s bodies in particularly throughout the pregnancy. Some garments may change according to the transformation of the mother’s belly. Furthermore these garments are going beyond the set categories like notion of dress, suit, shirt, skirt, pants. By the technical inventions of the designer. Certain garment is also worn like a dress , a pants or a skirt. Because we wish to give us the possibility to emancipate our body, liberate our movements, our sensation , and our mind. This clothing line offers new possibilities for woman and also for men who assure simultaneously, a purified and really bold style.

To learn more about the brand head over to LA VOIE



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