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Labels and Tags?

You should have labels and tags of products that you have listed for sales. Products with no tags and labels are viewed as samples, and should be priced as such. It might seem as such a minute thing but labels and tags have a purpose. The tags not only identify your brand but also advised customers of how to care for the product. It also gives information of where the product was made as well as what it’s consist of. Those information can make or break a sale as some people might be allergic to wool/polyester as well as those looking for conscious made products such as organic cottons and not to mention where it was made. {“Made in USA”}

You don’t have to rush to put something out as this sends the message that you are not ready, as well as this is how people view your brand with what to expect. When customers are making purchases especially online, it can be a gamble when dealing with strict “Return Policies”. They should be given all necessary information to lead up to making the purchase. Surprises tend to lead to higher returns, as well as if you accept returns and exchanges you would want the tags on the product to ensure that it hasn’t been used.

Presentation is everything when someone makes a purchase they want to receive a new item with proper packaging and tags attached.

Quick Q&A is simply a guide, ultimately you must make the decisions that is right for your brand as each brand is different and have their own journey.


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