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Designer – Prana Jewelry

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Simple Beauty

Prana jewelry is Artisan, Inspirational Yoga Jewelry. The brand blends ancient spiritual symbols, with healing precious & semi precious gemstones to create stunning & unique Inspirational Jewelry. They have a large selection, you can choose from symbols, gemstones or shop by intention so each piece has a meaning. The collection incorporates authentic pieces from artisans across the globe including Thailand, Bali & India. Each meaningful piece is handmade with quality silver, vermeil and gold filled.  The pieces are beautiful what I loved about the jewelry is that you can choose a meaning that is close to your heart to make the piece even more special.

See my favorites below.


Love Hope New Beginnings – Ruby Rose Quartz Moonstone

Prana Jewelry
Photo –


Mangalsutra Om Lotus Necklace

Prana Jewelry
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Yoga Jewelry OM Lotus Namaste Necklace with Garnet Citrine Gemstone

Prana Jewelry
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All that Sparkles Diamond

Prana Jewelry
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Balance & Growth

Green Onyx Faceted Bezel Round Earrings – Balance Growth

Prana Jewelry
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To read more, see & shop head over to Prana Jewelry

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