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Designer – Sylvia Mollie

Location – Atlanta, GA

“Targeting women who are city dwellers, trendsetters, and fashion conscious”

“The Sylvia Mollie brand was started in Atlanta, GA and recognized as a high end ready-to- wear women’s clothing line designed for classy women seeking a edgy look and conservative appeal. The look at Sylvia Mollie is what we like to identify as “classy trendy”. Creating modern classic looks without a expiration date. Sylvia Mollie specializes in a collection of garments from dresses to tailored pants, blouses, skirts, and jackets. Mainly, targeting women who are city dwellers, trendsetters, and fashion conscious.

Kenya Freeman is the Senior Lead Designer and visionary behind the Sylvia Mollie brand. Born in Norfolk, VA, Kenya have over 15 years of designing/sewing experience and received a BA in Fashion Design from American Intercontinental University in Atlanta, GA. Kenya mastered her craft to design clothes at an early age and with the passion to become one of the leading designers in the fashion industry.  Today, the Sylvia Mollie collection have grace several runways, photo shoots, and worn by many famous celebrities.”

My three favorite pieces…

Sylvia Mollie
Photo –
Sylvia Mollie
Photo –
Sylvia Mollie
Photo –

To read more and shop head over to Sylvia Mollie

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