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Using another brands product as your own…

Please … this is a NO!  As you get creative and think of new things for your brand you may want to try to alter/cut/paint etc. on anything that you find to see how something looks. With that being said that is merely a scrap or test product that you’re using simply to gage if you will send that to production. That is not a product that should be sold! Especially with another brand label in the garment. As you create products you need to proceed with the proper channels for manufacturing and getting your product made with your labels and tags to be sold. Its defrauding customers when they make a purchase and you have simply iron on a patch or made a few alterations and pass that off as your own. And not to mention when you increase the price of a product that is known to be inexpensive and you’re selling it as high-end. Building a brand takes time and building relationships and trust with your customers take time for them to know that you consistently produce quality products. So if you’re deceiving your customers you will lose retention and sales. You will constantly be looking for new customers and eventually have reputation that is not favorable.


Quick Q&A is simply a guide, ultimately you must make the decisions that is right for your brand as each brand is different and have their own journey.


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